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DJ Spotlight: Eddie Edge

Variety is the name of Edward Abdill's game, and many partygoers throughout southern New Jersey know when he's behind the turntables, anything can happen. Of course, they likely also know him better as DJ Eddie Edge.

"I will play anything that people want to hear," Abdill says. "Every room I play is different, and I am into making any party come alive."

Abdill has been DJing since 1999, when he got his start at The Roxy in Philadelphia. From there, he migrated down to the Glassboro area, and finally, to our neck of the woods, Atlantic City.

"I have been able to really refine my craft after all these years," Abdill says. "I have had the opportunity to play almost every room in Atlantic City, and they are some of my favorite places to play. Atlantic City gives me the chance to really play different music styles, which helps me keep fans on their toes. Southern New Jersey is great because there is a ton of diversity and everyone appreciates different genres of music."

The Name Game: Abdill, 29, received his DJ name from Philadelphia legend DJ Robbie Tronco. "I played with him at Chrome Nightclub in Philly; it was his nickname for me, and it stuck."

New Jersey Native: Abdill was born and raised in New Jersey and still lives here today; playing his home turf is a real thrill.

Mix And Match: "I really try to give the people something different each time," Abdill says. "I love the big room environment where I can mix up the music and keep the crowd guessing."

DJ Heroes: Abdill lists Tronco, DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Scene, DJ Excel, Sat-One, DJ Vito G, DJ Impulse and DJ Johnny B as some of his biggest influences.

Websites:,, and you can also follow him on Twitter under his username, DJEddieEdge.

Catch Him Spin: DJ Eddie Edge plays 10:30 p.m. Saturdays at The Casbah Nightclub inside the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City. Other frequent hot spots for Abdill include The Pool at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City, and various clubs in Philadelphia.


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