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Five things you need to know about Chelsea Pub

1 The Chelsea Pub started serving its first drinks in 1985, but people have been finding liquid refreshment at 8 S. Morris Avenue for more than a century. The original Victorian-style bar/bed-and-breakfast dates to 1858, and it was once a speakeasy in the early 20th Century. It was Grossman's Kosher Hotel until John Conway bought the property in 1980 and renovated it to better resemble his favorite historic pubs. Despite a fire that damaged the building in 1996, the structure retains much of its old-time authenticity.

2 It's where "nightcap" turns into "another round." As one of Atlantic City's cherished 24-hour bars, The Chelsea Pub has perhaps become best-known as an after-hours spot for locals, casino and restaurant employees looking to relax post-shift and anyone else in town for the weekend who doesn't want to stop the party. Knowing that, the pub runs an "Industry Red Eye Happy Hour" from 4 to 7 a.m. every day, with $2 domestic draft beers and $2.25 domestic draft bottles. It's either famous or infamous, depending how you feel when you wake up.

3 It's more like The Chelsea Pubs. There are three distinct, interconnected, full bar areas in the building, with eight booths and about 20 tables throughout. With the different bars come different bartenders with different personalities and different crowds as well. On a first visit - with slightly blurred vision - it's possible to get lost for a second in the dimly lit interior. In fact, any number of times there have been people at one bar looking to find friends elsewhere, only to text them and find they're in the next room.

4 There's so much extra space to do activities. The pub has five pool tables inside, a pool table on the outside patio, a pinball machine, another arcade game and several bar-top video games. The pub regularly hosts poker tournaments, too, and there are nine TVs throughout the bar that are tuned to any number of sports.

5 You don't have to go home, and you CAN stay here. There are 39 rooms in the hotel, with weekend rates starting as low as $50 a night. The inn serves breakfast each morning starting at 9 a.m., and the individually designed rooms have wireless Internet access so you can immediately get those embarrassing pictures from last night onto Facebook. For more room information, call (609) 345-4700 or go to

The Scene

Heard early Sunday morning: The jukebox selections included a few Britney Spears hits thanks to the group of women in their mid-20s dancing by the bar, and the music would range from hard rock to hip-hop as the night went on, reflecting the range of characters inside.

Scene at 4 a.m.: Both bars were nearly filled with different groups of people, most excitedly talking amongst themselves after long nights out somewhere else. By the front bar, older men and women chatted with the bartenders. By the back of the main bar, a young crowd was already reliving the evening they were just finishing. In the back room, a group of young men played pool and drank Yuengling, looking back into the main room to see what the rowdy scene would bring next.


Club Owner: John Conway

Debuted: 1985

The look: The eccentricity of the interior begins with the exterior. The entrance to the pub is out front of the white and green Victorian-style building, under a green awning with two mannequins made to resemble The Blues Brothers perched atop. The low-lit inside has low ceilings and walls that alternate between wood, brick, lattice and tin, all of which are covered in old photographs. There is a cafe at the entrance, then a main bar that stretches to the back where there is a private pool room, another bar area, more pool tables and booths.

A door on the side of the building leads to the covered outside patio.

, where there are more chairs and yet another pool table.


What: The Chelsea Pub & Inn

Where: 8 South Morris Avenue, Atlantic City

Days/Hours: Open daily, 24 hours

Capacity: 250

Cover: None

Dress code: Casual

Drinks: $3 to $4 beers, $5 to $7 mixed drinks and shots

Weekly drink specials: Happy hour specials from 5 to 7 p.m. and 4 to 7 a.m.

Demographic: All ages



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